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Books and Journals

Do you lot still read? If you do, I've got several rather unique texts you can use to bump up your projects if you're actually interested in putting any sort of effort into coursework. I'll get around to adding non-botanical texts at some point when I get around to digging up a reading list.

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P. Sprout
Mostly unusable for you lot, I know, but it couldn't hurt if you want to read a bit more about Herbology and the like or, Merlin forbid, use any of it in an essay. If you're bored you could always play Spot the Specimen in my classroom.

A short text including herbological names, descriptions and usage.Collapse )
P. Sprout

OOC: Does anybody still use this? I'm thinking of adding to this and am wondering whether it would be worth it or not. Comments, any and all, would be much appreciated. 

Name: Dahlia Yaxley
Format: Series of letters
Date: Early July 1974
Relevance: Follow up to testing of poisons in the Shetlands.

The letters were found after the subjects death in a box along with a number of other pieces of correspondence dated throughout her life. The envelope accompanying the box describes how the letters were returned to her by the Shapal's daughter after Pieter and his wife's death.

To: Healer Pieter Shapal, Thaumic Studies, Vavilov Institute of Magical Research, LeningradCollapse )


For Rodolphus, on his Graduation...

*A package arrives in June 1974, the final day of school. The label reads 'As promised...'.*

Dahlia's revenge. Warning: Graphic contentCollapse )