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Name: Dahlia Yaxley
Format: Series of letters
Date: Early July 1974
Relevance: Follow up to testing of poisons in the Shetlands.

The letters were found after the subjects death in a box along with a number of other pieces of correspondence dated throughout her life. The envelope accompanying the box describes how the letters were returned to her by the Shapal's daughter after Pieter and his wife's death.

How has your research been getting on? Still working with that Gyllenstein fellow? If so, then my deepest sympathies to you - I've heard the horror stories from Lena (who I greatly approve of by the way). I'm afraid my letter isn't entirely altruistic, I've a favour to ask of you, but I think it will benefit you too. You recall your theories on biological interactions between the magical and Muggle worlds but they wouldn't let you test anything? Well, I may have an opportunity for you to help prove your theories - no questions asked on either of our sides of course. Fancy helping kill two birds with one stone? I'll be back off break in a couple of weeks but I'll need my answer before then if at all possible. 

Take care,

Of course you can recruit your darling fiancee into helping if you think your potions skills aren't quite up to what's needed (Merlin knows mine aren't - hence the request for aid), I just hope she'll be as discreet about it as you - I know, I know; I've worked with her before now and should no better but I'm so close to a breakthrough I can almost grasp it and you know how paranoid we all get when that happens. Don't think I forgot about your warding yourself into your lab for that week last year. Congratulations by the way, when is the wedding? My deepest thanks for your help, you have no idea how much it's appreciated. I've attatched the outline of the experiment although my partner in this (no need to look like that, I do share work when it's required) is still ironing out a few details. I'll tell you more when I have the information.

Thank you, once again.

Thank you for the prompt response, things are moving rather faster than I expected - I'll be in the Shetalnds for the next few days but I'll have the results as soon as I'm done. Yes, you guessed correctly that it's to do with all that 'goo' as you so succinctly put it that I was working with last month. I forgot to mention in my last letter that you should expect me to drill you about your anti-magic theory when I return. I'll take back every bad thing I've ever said about Gyllenstein if even the smallest part works out. I'm incredibly envious of you at this point, let me tell you, but I think that if I ever get to publish on this thing... it'll raise a few eyebrows. Last thing - what samples will you need to get the results you need? There won't be any shortage of specimens to gether from I hope but I can hardly lug them all back for you to look at - it might raise a few eyebrows.

See you soon,

Fantastic news! The experiment went like a charm and the partner I was working with? He wouldn't be out of place in the labs. I can only hope to convince him not to waste his potential now he's left school. I've got everything you needed, along with a few extra (there were a number of more interesting reactions that I want to look into further). Do you mind an audience when you do your part - follow through to the rest of the experiment and all of that? I'm catching the 13:00 Floo to the city (that's 17:00 for you) on Wednesday, did you want to meet up in the usual place? I could do with a celebratory drink. I've attatched a copy of my field notes (no comments on the handwriting - I've seen yours) so you can have a look through before I get there.

Happy reading,

Four hour time difference. The next time I get woken by an over-enthusiastic owl before the sun's come up it will be your biological material I'll be sending through the post. Now. Yes, of course I'll be including your name on the paper, if/when it's allowed to be published. It's the same problem as you had with some of your earlier ones though - I can't imagine the higher-ups would be much pleased with my work although we all know what they got up to in the name of research in days gone by. If the preliminaries are as good as you say they are though, well, I know where we can get backing for further study. Just don't ask me more about it, not yet anyway. Fast work by the way - I wasn't expecting anything for another day or so. Here's the hair samples you're so desperate for - you know I can't include anything else - remember what happened to Volkov's stuff?

Try to remember the time difference next time,

Are you sure? Did you double check it all, no wait, silly question of course you did. That's just incredible, the implications alone! Give me an hour or so to get everything sorted on this end, although I'll probably be back before you get this, and I'll catch the first Floo I can.



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